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Mobile Milling

Have you wanted to harvest your own lumber from your land? We bring our mill to your site and will mill the lumber to  you specifications! 

Mobile Onsite Milling Service

Have Blue Ridge Woodsworks bring the sawmill to you! We process fallen trees, reclaimed timber, or salvaged logs into custom-sized lumber right at your location.

Why Choose Our Service?

  1. Convenience: Save time, money, and effort with on-site milling, no log transportation required.

  2. Preservation: Preserve unique wood and sentimental trees with custom lumber.

  3. Use your own wood: Create unique projects with wood from your own land.

  4. Customization: Get lumber tailored to your exact needs quickly.

  5. Immediate Use: Have freshly milled lumber for your projects on the same day.


Our Process:

  1. Consultation: We assess your wood, discuss your needs, and provide an estimate.

  2. Mobile Setup: Our state-of-the-art portable sawmill is brought to your property.

  3. Milling: Experienced sawyers process the logs to your specifications.

  4. Cleanup: Neatly stack the lumber and leave your property in great condition.


When to Consider Onsite Milling:

  • Fallen or removed trees you want as lumber.

  • Custom-sized lumber for projects.

  • Salvaging timber from old structures.

  • Harvesting from your own land for your woodworking projects


Contact Us Today:

Take advantage of our convenient mobile onsite milling service. Get in touch to discuss your milling needs and bring your wood to life. Call us today at 540-923-4053 to discuss your project!

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